Cuernavaca - Mexico


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The workshop is organized in series of topics that include:

1. Seismic Hazard Assessment using Emerging Technologies.
a) Seismic Site Effects
b) Microzoning
c) Earthquake Scenarios

2. Emerging Technologies for Risk Reduction and Disaster Prevention.
a) Risk Scenarios
b) Risk Management
c) Disaster Prevention


Invited speakers :

Kazuo Seo, Tokio Inst. Tech.

Mihailo D. Trifunac, USC

Francisco J. Chavez-Garcia, UNAM

Pierre-Yves Bard, Univ. of Grenoble

Kojiro Irikura, Aichi. Inst. Tech

Mario Ordaz, UNAM

Emeritus professor,
Dr. Luis Esteva, kindly accepted to participate at the round table for the conclusions of the workshop.